All this sad Korra made me draw happy baby Korra and her dorky parents.
How to muscles

All this sad Korra made me draw happy baby Korra and her dorky parents.

How to muscles

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oh my god

oh my god. i love you. and i thank you greatly for this.

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I’m sorry but this made my whole day

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let the rain
wash away
all the pain of yesterday

let the rain

wash away

all the pain of yesterday

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I was thinking about how nobody really knew that Voldemort was called Tom Riddle, not even Hermione who read books on him and it actually really confuses me. It implies that basically the whole Wizarding World, even those brought up in the world don’t know about his past at all.

They study history of magic. Do they not learn modern history? Voldemort’s pretty fucking important, he literally shaped Wizarding society up to where the books take off. Not learning about Voldemort raises even more questions. Do they even learn about Grindelwald? That only happened during World War II??? Or do they only learn about ancient history that they can remain remote from? Do they learn about history from different sides, or is it biased? Do they learn about magical history from other parts of the world?

I know that Harry and Ron don’t listen in History of Magic all the time, but I think they would have listened if it had regarded Voldemort. They’re not told he was a Prefect and about him growing up in an orphanage and working in Borgin and Burkes. Okay, that’s not as weird, but not even Hermione knew that from her reading on him. But they also don’t know that his followers are called Death Eaters, they don’t know what the Dark Mark is and what it stands for, they don’t even know that his real name was Tom Riddle.

Once you start picking apart this, the glaring faults in the education system of the Wizarding World become obvious. Why are they not learning relevant history? Why are they not learning things which could help them?

Learning that Tom Riddle = Lord Voldemort could have saved Ginny in her first year. It’s also excluding muggleborns. How are they to know about the tensions about muggleborns in the past (which are still effecting society to this day) if they’re not taught about it in class? Do they get taught by their housemates, their friends, prefects - in awkward mumbles and with feet shuffling? Think about how confused Harry was at the Quidditch World Cup. Think about how confused muggleborns would have been if they had seen a Dark Mark branded on someone’s arm. They probably would have shrugged it off, not knowing that turning that person in could help.

It just shows how narrow minded the Wizarding World is really, and how stand-still they are. It seems to me like they haven’t changed the curriculum of what is taught in History of Magic for at least 100 years, and they don’t seem to understand why its a problem. They literally believe they are the perfect society the way they are, not understanding the need for constant evolution and innovation. 

I think this post is making the assumption that like wizarding historians know Voldemort is Tom Riddle, like do they? I get the impression that Voldemort was not announcing his origin story to the world, and may have cultivated the impression that he’d just appeared from nowhere.

On the other hand, I think Dumbledore pretty clearly knows. And Ollivander remembers selling Tom a wand, so like. Some people clearly know.

I don’t know, I think we might actually be looking at a bit of a plot hole here.

Dumbledore has known Voldemort’s origin story for a long time (as is shown in the memory when he declines Tom’s bid for the job of DADA teacher).

Tom used his new moniker at least for the last few years of Hogwarts, and so all of the first generation Death Eaters that went to school with him know.

Ollivander knows, obviously.

Historians in general don’t know - Hermione most likely read all the books she could find on Harry (Voldemort would’ve played a prominent role in all those) and she WOULD have made the connection In CoS.

The funny thing: Even after CoS, after our heroes find out, they don’t really go around telling people. That’s what I really don’t get and what many fanfiction authors try to somehow incorporate into their stories: “Shouldn’t we somehow try to strategically release that information - we know Tom won’t like that and it may make him angry, maybe prone to mistakes … it may take away some of his influence if the pureblood enthusiasts knew about his muggle father …”

So the most likely scenario is: Certain people know, but the general public doesn’t, and none of the people that do know think the general public OUGHT to know (for various reasons or for simple lack of common sense or for not thinking about some of the more obvious advantages).

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all those visions of b3 finale!korra in the b4 trailer ;~;

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“Nothing is ever really lost to us as long as we remember it.” 

― L.M. Montgomery

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when in doubt, sketch korra out

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Amidst the talk about iPhone bending, I can’t help but to laugh X’D

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ha im a piece of trash

As someone who cares deeply about the environment, I am obligated to pick you up.
Is seven okay?

you smooth fucker

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Rohan is 3 nowwww

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Hey, aren’t you quite good with C? Could you give me a few pointers?
me, without realizing what horrible pun I’d made.