The last day of Harry Potter.


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this speaks to me on an emotional level

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This morning at BUR airport

  • TSA: Congrats you're TSA Precheck approved.
  • ME: Thanks
  • TSA: Please take your laptop out, shoes off, etc..
  • ME: I thought Precheck meant I didn't have to do that?
  • TSA: Right, but only in the Precheck line.
  • ME: Where's the Precheck line?
  • TSA: It's closed.
  • ME: So then why did you congratulate me?
  • TSA: It's a real achievement to get Precheck
  • ME: Seriously?
  • TSA: Keep moving...
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Wit beyond measure is man’s greatest treasure.


BLOG: Wit beyond measure is man’s greatest treasure.

When our kids were little, they loved Harry Potter, especially Ryan, who has the exact same birthday at Harry.

I never read the books because of reasons, and I only saw the first couple of movies, also because of reasons.

Recently, Anne and I decided that we would finally read the books, and we’re about halfway through the first one (I’m a couple chapters ahead of Anne, because I had some time on…

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“What house are you?” She said. Our escort opened the doors and led us into an enormous corridor that was over twenty feet high, equally as wide, and a few hundred feet long. Chairs were stacked along one wall, and the other wall had doors in it that granted access to the various meeting rooms where the panels were held.

“I’m pretty sure I’m Ravenclaw,” I said.

“No way, dude. You’re totally a Slytherin.”

“I am not a Slytherin!”

“Yeah, you totally are a Slytherin.” Felicia crunched up her nose and grinned at me. “My brother’s a Slytherin.”

“Dude, I’m going to be Ravenclaw … or maybe Gryffindor. But I really think I’m Ravenclaw.” Our footsteps and voices echoed off the cement floor and walls. I imagined that we were in a castle.

“I’m Ravenclaw,” Felicia said.

This is like the cutest dialogue about this particular topic I can imagine. You sound like two children on the Express talking about which house you’re gonna be in. Simply magical.

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when you’re starving and a friend offers you a piece of their food



*makes snarky Hannibal remark*

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Miskatonic History Society by MJ is $11 today (4/19) at TeeFury


Miskatonic History Society by MJ is $11 today (4/19) at TeeFury

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This is an insurance advert. Now watch it and weep.

Only in GTA: “Accidentally” shooting people with rocket launchers.

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Felt inspired to make my own


hope you like.


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